Custom Jewelry: The Perfect Father's Day Gift

You’re probably not going to buy your dad, husband or partner a pearl necklace, but guess what? Men like to wear some bling, too! If you are guilty of buying neckties, socks, or wallets every year for Father’s Day, it might be time to change things up and see what custom jewelry has to offer. There’s a good chance you might find jewelry that you he loves and wears for years to come.   


We are going to kick off our list of the best Father’s Day gifts with something universal that pretty much everyone enjoys. While every electronic device can tell time these days, a watch is still incredibly useful. For starters, it’s much easier (and less noticeable) to check the time by glancing down at your watch. But more importantly, watches add a dash of style and personality to whatever the man in your life is wearing. When choosing a watch as a gift, think about your recipient’s lifestyle — does he dress up for work most days or is he working from home? If his work requires a lot of work with his hands, then durability would be important. Finally, give some thought to his style — it is important to get a watch that can fit how he dresses, whether that be preppy, modern or sporty.

There are an abundance of watch brands on the market. To narrow down your choices, you may want to start with a price range. Then think about watch functionality (calendar, luminous hands, solar powered, water resistant), materials (durability, color, comfort, weight) and ease of use (size of numerals, self-winding, battery, band clasp). Watch brand is important, too! We have a wide variety of watches to select from including Rolex, Cartier, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Movado and many more!

Bracelets, necklaces and rings

Men also enjoy showing some bling. Our most popular men's jewelry options include bracelets, necklaces and rings. The cool thing about men’s jewelry is that it largely comes in durable metals like stainless steel, tungsten, titanium and carbon fiber. As a general style guideline, men’s bracelets are typically wider and heavier than women’s bracelets. Bracelets for men may also feature links, chains, and leather cording. Popular styles of necklaces for men range from simple chains to chains with pendants such as dog tags or other symbols. Rounding out the list, men’s rings are highly sought after. Moissanite rings and hematite rings are incredibly popular this season. Another special idea to consider is a gemstone ring such as emerald, sapphire, or diamond. Or you can opt for a classic gold or silver ring. There are plenty of options to choose from when considering men’s jewelry!

Cuff Links

With all of his shirts and ties from previous Father’s Day gifts, a pair of stylish cuff links could be a great next gift. There are many styles of cuff links to consider, from classic round or square shapes. You can also select from a variety of metals including silver, stainless steel, titanium, or gold. If you are looking to splurge, cuff links can even be studded with diamonds or other gemstones.

Personalize it

To make a jewelry gift even more special for Father’s Day, custom jewelry design or engraved jewelry could both be great options. It is easy and affordable to engrave jewelry with a special message such as the initials of a loved one or the birth dates of his kids. Whichever type of jewelry you choose — watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, or cuff links — can be engraved by a local jeweler near you.

The big takeaway is that jewelry isn’t just for women. Dads and the men in your life also appreciate a little bling. He may also look to pass on the gift as a family heirloom, which can create significant sentimental value. Whatever you choose, think a bit outside the box this Father’s Day and surprise dad with fine or custom jewelry he’ll be able to treasure for years to come.

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