6 Easy Steps To Perfect A Surprise Proposal

how to perfect a surprise proposal how to propose proposal ideas

While the thought of getting down on one knee may sound daunting, do not let this deter you. Follow our step-by-step guide to a perfect proposal, and you will end up not only engaged but a connoisseur of the surprise proposal.

Step 1: Secure the Engagement Ring

engagement ring in a jewelry box ready for a surprise proposal

Once you are certain that the person you are with is the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, you’ll need an engagement ring—that’s where we come in!

Not sure where to start? You can browse our Instagram page for visual inspiration. See a style you like? Submit an inquiry on our website and a Jewelry Design Gallery team member will respond to your message within 24 hours. 

If your partner has mentioned an engagement ring style that really tickles her fancy, now is the time to dig deep in that memory bank… or snoop through her Pinterest profile. If both of those strategies come up short, call her best friend or closest confidant. Chances are if you are ready to propose, she was ready a while ago and has had in-depth discussions with her bestie about swoon-worthy engagement ring styles.

Here are a few of the most popular engagement ring styles with our clients at Jewelry Design Gallery:

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Engagement ring sizing is tricky, especially if you plan on executing a surprise proposal. Unless your partner regularly wears a promise ring or solid band ring on their left ring finger that you can use for sizing reference, it can feel like a major guessing game.

The first way to estimate your partner’s ring size at home is using the paper strip method. First cut a strip of paper ¾ inch wide and 4 inches long. Wrap the paper strip snugly around the base of your partner’s intended finger and mark where the paper overlaps. 

If your partner has a ring they wear on their left ring finger, you can measure the circumference of this ring with a ruler for an estimated ring size. This is only effective if your partner uses this ring on their left ring finger.

Lastly, you can ask her bestie takes your partner out to jewelry store and try some rings and check her finger size. 

Important Tip for Surprises

Whatever you do, do not make your engagement ring purchase on a joint account, whether debit or credit. This is a rookie mistake that can blow your entire surprise proposal plans. 

Use a personal account or make smaller cash withdrawals over a designated period of time until you have the grand sum, which will keep your partner off your scent. 

Step #2: Hide the Ring… Well (Don't Ruin the Surprise Before it's Happened)

man hiding engagement ring

No sock drawers or ribboned ring boxes in the back of your closet, please. Especially if your partner is even the slightest bit nosy. 

We recommend keeping your partner’s engagement ring in the hands of a trustworthy friend or family member until proposal time. If neither is an option, you can hide the ring in a place that you think your partner won't take a look at it.

Step 3: Plan the Surprise Proposal

will you marry me proposal

Now that you purchased your engagement ring and it is securely hidden from your partner, you are ready for step 3: planning the proposal. 

Unless you are a wildly spontaneous couple who regularly jumps from one unexpected activity to the next, it is best to plan your proposal within the confines of your normal routine. That is, if you want to keep your proposal a secret. 

Think about your partner… What are their favorite activities? What is most intimate to you as a couple? How can you incorporate a proposal into this activity? 

Consider whether you want to photograph the proposal (more for your partner than for you). Your photographer will guide you on the best lighting, angles, etc. for a beautiful secret proposal snapshot. Leave those details up to the professionals… you have enough to think about. 

Step #4: Enlist a Trustworthy Friend

If you have yet to involve your partner’s best friend in the process, now is the time. You need this friend, really. 

This friend can take your sweetheart for a spa day to get a manicure a few days before your proposal. This will allow your partner to be less focused on her unkempt nails post-proposal and more focused on the joy of the moment. 

This friend can keep your partner off your trail while ensuring your future fiance is properly adorned for such a momentous occasion. 

Step #5: Just Do the Thing

Today is the day. You are one step closer to an “us” rather than an eternal “I.” 

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb before you journey to your location. The last thing you need is a stray “good luck” text from mom blowing the whole surprise in the car. 

If you are prone to nervous sweats, don’t let your pits give you away! Wear a jacket, a dark shirt, or an undershirt… whatever you need.

Most importantly, when the moment presents itself, speak from the heart. While prepared speeches are great, authenticity is most appreciated. Let your heart and your love dictate your sentiment. Forewarning: you may black out and forget what you had planned. Don’t sweat it! It will be wonderful regardless. 

Step #6: Celebrate!

she said yes

You did it. You made it. You are a hero, a legend. Your partner said “yes,” and you are well on your way to a fruitful life as a couple. 

Congratulations! Wash away those pre-proposal jitters with a drink on the rocks and soak up the newness of the engagement before the cloudy storm of wedding planning. When the time comes, however, we do offer a wide assortment of wedding bands as well for both him and her. 

A Helpful Hand

Jewelry Design Gallery is here to ensure that all of your engagement ring-related proposal details are picture-perfect before the big day. Our team will walk you through the entire ring shopping process from discovery to resizing if necessary. Schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants today to get the ball rolling on your proposal planning—we promise we'll keep it a surprise!

Have you already proposed? Do you have cute pictures? Send them to jdesigng@gmail.com to be featured on our website and/or Instagram page!

Good luck and congratulations! 


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