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As we make our way through Spring, one of life’s biggest milestones returns: Graduation! If you're still thinking about what graduation gift to get for your favorite grad, we have plenty of beautiful options to select from. Discounts are available for necklaces and pendants, earrings, bracelets and more! Help your graduate shine as they transition to their next exciting milestone.

Friends and families: It’s also a great time to treat yourself — Spring is all about new beginnings! If you're celebrating an exciting milestone in your life, or simply want to recognize your own hard work, there’s no better way than gifting yourself something that will make you shine. Now is the best time to invest in quality jewelry that will last forever. We are highlighting our favorite pieces to adorn you as you move onto your next chapter.

Jewelry For Your Next Chapter

As we continue to grow and develop, it is important to match our inner growth and hard work with our appearance. Your friends and family will be ecstatic when they see the new you! Browse our recommended pieces below.


14K White Gold TW. 0.50 CT Diamond Studs


14K White Gold TW. 0.75 CT Diamond Studs

14K White Gold TW 1.0 CT Diamond Studs

14K Yellow Gold TW. 0.50 CT Diamond Studs



14K White Gold 'Forever Yours' Circle Diamond Necklace


Jewelry For Growth

A beautiful new piece of jewelry can make achieving your goals even more special. It can also serve as a reminder of how much you have grown and improved.  

These pieces will make you proud of your dedication and achievements. They will serve as a reminder to yourself and those around you that you’re moving in the right direction.


14K White Gold 'Life Journey' Diamond Necklace

14K White Gold 'Spread Your Wing' Butterfly Diamond Necklace

14K Yellow Gold 'The Growth' Small Approx. 0.50 CT Diamond Necklace

10K Tri-Color "Dream Come True" Small Ring Necklace

14K Two Tone Pear Bead and Chain Link Necklace

14K Rose Gold White Topaz And Diamond Dangle Hoop Earrings

14K Rose Gold White Topaz And Diamond Dangle Hoop Earrings


You can never go wrong with sparkly earrings or necklaces as graduation gifts. With our on-site custom design work, these elegant pieces can also be styled up or down. Your graduate will be delighted by their new jewelry while they’re learning at school, at their first job interview, or whatever their next exciting milestone might be!

Browse Our Jewelry 

At Jewelry Design Gallery of East Windsor, we are always adding to our collection. Browse all of our pieces here to see more ideas for graduations, engagement, birthdays, or any occasion!

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